Online Backup – CLOUD

It is about storing important data in data centers outside the company, so that in case of theft or natural disaster (flood, fire, earthquake) it is possible to recover them. To secure the data, the sending as well as its storage is encrypted.
As a rule, these solutions also combine local back up for quick recovery in case of logical error. The solution includes software with appropriate agents for bases or even functional (bare metal recovery). These services are charged with a monthly subscription and the cost is a function of the amount of data.


The main advantages of these solutions are:

  • Automated back up process that minimizes the possibility of human error.
  • Much lower equipment and management costs.
  • Simpler implementation and maintenance. It is not a combination of technologies such as e.g. tape library – back up S/W – network infrastructure – interface cards – controllers etc.
  • Direct recovery (from the local back up) which usually also incorporates the function of snapshots to recover older data.
  • Avoid potential theft or loss of data, as may occur in the case of storage on removable physical media


Cloud Backup365

Backup 365 is aimed at Businesses that need a reliable solution to protect their critical data, because professional Cloud Backup really protects 100% of the company's data.

Traditional backup methods are based on disks or tapes, which on the one hand are rarely checked, and on the other hand are not systematically transferred to a safe place outside the office. In addition, traditional protection methods require equipment that requires maintenance and man-hours to oversee it. In case of a problem, the company activates the infrastructure in the Data Center and operates normally until the systems in the corporate network are fully restored.



In all phases of the Backup, Restore and data storage process, special emphasis is placed on security, which is why the service is certified with ISO 27001, the leading international standard for information security. Files are shredded into thousands of smaller ones and encrypted with 256bit AES. The user chooses whether the code used for decryption will be stored on the Cloud Servers so that it can be restored in case of loss.

  • Guaranteed error-free restore, with CRC mechanisms
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • 256bit AES encryption



  • Web environment
  • One Client for all operating systems – Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix
  • Greek Menu



  • High compression up to 80%
  • Unlimited number of Backup Sets
  • Local Backup to iSCSI NAS or USB Disk
  • Continuous Backup support for VMs, databases and Windows files



The files are cut into many smaller ones and only the changes are transferred. Fast Restore*, to receive the data immediately, without waiting for the transfer from the cloud.


Fast Restore

Do you have a large amount of data and the transfer is time-consuming? Need your data immediately and can't wait for Restore? With Backup365's Fast Restore service you have your data very quickly, without waiting for the restore from the cloud. With Fast Restore, you will receive your data on a hard drive, the same day or the next day, depending on the plan you choose.


  • Preemptive update to avoid problems
  • Phone support


For Business

Physical and Virtual Servers are supported. All operating systems are supported – Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix – and applications such as SQL Server, Oracle, Exchange, Lotus, MySQL, etc. It is possible to restore individual mailboxes, without the need to restore the entire Exchange database. Continuous Backup for VMs, databases and Windows files is also supported.



Backup 365 does not need equipment, nor maintenance and it does not require time from tthe administrator. The service becomes even more affordable, as you only charge for the space occupied by your compressed data, on our servers. Compression is usually greater than 50%.


Easy Management

From the service's specially designed Web Portal, you manage Backup Jobs and have access to information and statistics. You make the changes you want and are informed about the results of the Backup, about the compression of your data, about the space you use. Start Restore by selecting the files or Servers you want to restore.