Mobile Objects Recording Software for Antiquities Ephorates

EFOROS is the first and only software developed from scratch in the Greek Market that keeps records of mobile objects for Museums and Antiquities Ephorates . This software provides the ability to store all the details of an object (type, discovery location, time period, etc.) as well as additional photos, drawings, related publications, maintenance work done on it and the exact location where it is located (museum, antiquities warehouses, etc.). Finally it is fully customizable and anything else deemed necessary by the Archaeological Service can be added.

Apart from the vertical solutions and the templates that are needed in the specific area, CURATOR integrates a whole information system which constitutes a knowledge production tool for the researcher-archaeologist. By using specific filters, the user can retrieve information about an object or a group of projects. CURATOR is easy to use, fast, flexible, and ready to fulfill your every need 

The user is able to place, find or collect an object and its precise position in a short time using – or not - PDAs (handheld computers) and BarCode technology.

Software Features:

  • Complete recording of an object and its characteristics (species, location, dating, etc.)
  • Ability to import images, drawings, posts, etc.
  • M.I.S. Information system. The researcher is able to draw data based on characteristics, chronology, objects etc. using specific filters.
  • The user is able to create various print forms that by himself .
  • Accuracy of location and quantity in real time via barcode and RF technology, even at pallet or box level.
  • The user has at his disposal absolutely accurate data, concerning  the condition of the items in the warehouse
  • Ability to access the inventory list at any time with an easy, fast and reliable way.
  • The use of .NET technology makes it easy to connect to other programs, as well as the possibility of creating special parameters at the customer's request.