The Certification Authority of the Hellenic State (APED) provides the possibility for citizens and civil servants to issue free personal digital certificates of authentication / signature and encryption.

The digital signature created with means that the signer can keep under his sole control (card or special usb device) is the one defined as "Advanced electronic signature" according to article 2 of PD 150/2001 or "digital signature".

The official name of these devices in Greek is ADDY (Secure Signature Creation Device).

They connect to the USB port of the computer and enable you to digitally sign your pdf – word documents, etc.

The use of digital certificates adds additional security to citizens' electronic transactions, while in the case of public servants it is mandatory in several procedures such as electronic procurement.

Digital Signature

Lifetime of certificates issued by APED
The digital certificates issued by APED until June 19, 2018, have a lifespan of five (5) years. As of June 20, 2018, the certificates issued are valid for 3 years.

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