Atlantis I

Integrated IT system for small and medium commercial enterprises.
Atlantis I, which is based on the Atlantis ERP family of applications and is used by large enterprises with high demands in Greece and abroad, incorporates UNISOFT's many years of experience in the development and support of business software.
The excellent ergonomic and friendly working environment of Atlantis I positively predisposes the user, improving his efficiency, both during daily operations and when searching for information.
The short installation, configuration and training time as well as the ability to transfer data from other applications make Atlantis I particularly accessible to all small and medium-sized businesses.

Atlantis II

Integrated information system for large commercial & industrial enterprises, service enterprises and organizations of private & public sector.
A company's information system is a strategic choice. It creates infrastructure and provides tools that support competitiveness and growth for many years.
The pioneering family of open IT applications ATLANTIS meets the high demands of large enterprises, groups and multinational companies, with immediate and specific results.
With result-oriented organized services and UNISOFT's unique application development technology, ATLANTIS II simulates and facilitates operational processes and supports the organizational structure of enterprises.
Integrating all the technological developments and the vast experience of UNISOFT, ATLANTIS II informs about the results of every activity, indicates the business opportunities and supports virtually every management decision at all levels.

Atlantis Entry I

The most complete ERP for small and medium-sized businesses.
The needs of even the smallest modern businesses require the existence of strategic goals and options, both on a business and technological level. The driving force of both is the company's information system.
The Atlantis Entry I information system fully meets the requirements for unified management of all company data. It reliably processes an unlimited amount of data and information, regardless of its source.
Atlantis Entry I reflects the true image of the business. It is a powerful information mechanism at every level and helps to make the right decisions as well as their execution
Atlantis Entry I is the most complete program in its class and includes:
Warehouse, Customers - Debtors, Sales - Order Taking, Invoicing Policies, Intensive Retail, Touch Screen, Service Provision, Suppliers - Creditors, Purchases - Ordering, Banks - Bank Accounts, Special Accounts, Collections - Payments, Securities, Sellers - Collectors, Color - Size, Masses & Selective Document Transformations, Graphical Document Printing Forms, Alternative Codes, Foreign Currencies, Group Sets, Financial & Statistical Printouts

Atlantis Entry I app features

  • It has an innovative, homogeneous and easy-to-use graphical work interface, which focuses on functionality and speed of execution of tasks.
  • Incorporates ergonomic screen design, tree-like organization structures, intelligent guidance tools as well as Live application-user communication.
  • It uses standardized models of optimal configuration that, combined with the friendly installation method, allow it to be adapted to the particularities of each business.
  • It covers all financial & organizational needs of the modern small and medium-sized business.
  • It provides continuous communication and support through innovative services (e-Services, Live update), as well as a modern help guide.
  • Continuously growing and improving with your business.
  • Prints the collected information, with all modern printing methods (MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, etc.).
  • It contains all the elements that will develop the business in a short period of time.


Atlantis Entry II

Integrated information system forsmall and medium enterprises
Until now computerization required many months of preparation and training.
Now the Atlantis Entry II organization system guides you through the steps you need to take to properly and quickly organize a complete computerization in your business.
Atlantis Entry II is the complete commercial program that fully meets the requirements for unified management of all your business data.
It uses an innovative working environment and is characterized by revolutionary specifications that will excite you.

Atlantis Entry III

Integrated information system for the small and medium market
The information system of each company is a strategic choice. Its upgrade to a modern system is based on the experience of previous practice and must respond to specific requirements and objectives.
The Atlantis Entry application family meets the high demands of businesses and groups, with immediate and specific results. By contributing in the best way to the creation of infrastructure and the utilization of modern tools, it maximizes their competitiveness.
The new Atlantis Entry III information system fully meets the requirements for unified management of all company data and immediately and effectively covers the need for information exchange between companies and remote points of sale and production.

Operational advantages

  • Based on the advanced R.O.A.D.S. technology, it is an open architecture system that fully utilizes the capabilities of the most reliable relational databases and can work on the most popular platforms.
  • The innovative structure of the user interface and menus, the ability to compose toolbars (toolbars), some by the user, as well as the tree structures of the organization of the subsystems (tree structures), are the basis for an integrated work environment.< /li>
  • Connects and cooperates smoothly with all advanced IT or telecommunications technological products (peripheral applications and data creation systems – cash registers, automation and control systems, barcodes, etc.). At the same time, it has built-in features for direct connection with MS Office applications.
  • Incorporates an automatic data migration process from the Fund, enabling the uninterrupted operation of computerization, without the need to waste valuable business resources.
  • Atlantis Entry III is a unique tool for the continuous development of your business. The procedures for adding additional modules, when this becomes necessary, combined with the possibility of immediate transition to Atlantis II ERP without any need for data migration, allow the parallel development of your IT system, according to the needs of your business.