KEFALAIO The most comprehensive Greek commercial and financial transaction management program.

The computerized system of every business is the basis for the management of all daily tasks.

In an environment that is constantly evolving, the need for software that offers high quality, proven reliability and exceptional ease of use becomes imperative.

KEFALAIO ERP is the program created by UNISOFT focusing on your own business.

It develops in parallel with it and is characterized by know-how and expertise in matters of integrated IT solutions.


Functional advantages

  • KEFALAIO ERP makes full use of all the capabilities of modern computers and operating systems, ensuring reliability and speed, while using many different cutting-edge technologies to provide optimal solutions to the most complex problems.
  • It fully integrates Client/Server technology, providing the possibility of on-line connection of branches and remote workstations.
  • It is characterized by its flexible and open architecture, providing connection possibilities with a multitude of software applications and office applications (Microsoft Office).
  • Supports online interface with the widest range of cash registers and systems than any other application.
  • Supports the design and execution of scripts in order to exchange data between the ERP KEFALAIO and databases (Microsoft MSDE or SQL Server and Oracle).
  • Supports the automatic data transfer process (Data Migration) either from other applications or to ERP ATLANTIS ENTRY and ATLANTIS.
  • Provides continuous communication and support to users through innovative online (Internet) services (e-Services, e-Support, Live Update).
  • Business Reports – Information and Development Tool
  • Business Reports is the new ERP KEFALAIO module created to meet the needs of the modern era for fast, efficient and consistent information management from the business side. It is a useful tool for processing and displaying the information stored in the ERP KEFALAIO.
  • Business Reports transform your operational data into consistent and reliable information by producing Statistical Reports, Dynamic Reports, Charts, Olap Cubes and Multidimensional Reports that present the picture of your business in a direct and understandable way.
  • At the same time, with Business Reports it is possible to present an aggregated picture of your business at the level of sales or collections, providing all the necessary information for the management of daily operations.
  • You can now easily and quickly make comparisons between different groups of data, study the prevailing trends, but also answer important questions for decision-making in each of your activities



Business organization and computerization for small and medium enterprises.

Until now, computerization required months of preparation and training. Now the organization system of 'KEFALAIO ERP - Start' guides you through the steps you need to take to properly and quickly organize a comprehensive computerization in your business.

If adaptation to specific requirements, user-friendliness, comprehensive information and operational reliability are key issues for you, then 'KEFALAIO ERP - Start' is the solution.

'KEFALAIO ERP – Start' is a complete commercial program that includes:
Warehouse – Stock


Sales - Ordering

Intensive Retail

Touch Screen


Provision of Services

Sale of Heating Oil


Purchasing – Ordering

Receipts - Payments


Sellers - Appointments

Color – Size

Mass & Selective Document Transformations

Print Graphical Forms

Financial & Statistical Printouts

Report Level 1.


Features of the application 'KEFALAIO ERP - Start'

  • It has an innovative and easy-to-use graphical work interface, which focuses on functionality and speed of execution of tasks.
  • Usefulmakes functional task screens for immediate task completion.
  • It covers all financial & organizational needs of the modern small and medium-sized business.
  • Provides constant communication and support through innovative services (e-Services, e-Support, Live Update) as well as a modern help guide.
  • Continuously growing and improving with your business.
  • Prints all the information collected, with all modern printing methods (MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, etc.).
  • Manages multiple barcodes for each item and supports the use of variable price or weight barcodes.
  • Works with a variety of cash registers & POS.
  • It contains all the elements that made KEFALAIO ERP the most popular application in the Greek market.



Business organization and computerization for small and medium enterprises.

Until now, computerization required many months of preparation and training.

Now the ERP - Entry KEFALAIO organizational system guides you through the steps you need to take to properly and quickly organize a complete computerization in your business.

KEFALAIO ERP – Entry is the complete commercial program that manages Inventory, Customers, Sales, Suppliers, Purchases, Securities, Foreign Currency, Color/Size and Barcodes.

It uses an innovative working environment and is characterized by revolutionary specifications that will excite you.

Works on any hardware, network or operating system. The computerization of your business is guaranteed in any technological development.