Our company provides complete solutions in STRUCTURED CABLING and network support by undertaking the design, implementation and maintenance of your network. Specifically, it undertakes:

  • Network Study – Installation & parameterization
  • Installation & configuration of network equipment (Router, Switches)
  • Installation & Server Software
configuration Network connection to the Internet Installation & configure VPN (Virtual Private Network) network Wireless Networking

All Structured Cabling works are done in accordance with  the international standards:

  • ANSI/TIA/EIA 568A, 5 568 B.1,B.2,B.3 or later
  • ISO/IEC DIC 11801
  • CELENEC- EN 50173, 50174,
  • TSB 67 Level III,
  • EIA/TIA 606, EIA/TIA 604 FOCIS 2-12, EIA/TIA 604 FOCIS 6, EIA/TIA 455,
  • IEC 793-1/2. 604, IEC 60603 –7 -7

as well as in accordance with the Greek Regulation of Internal Telecommunication Networks of Buildings (Government Gazette B'767 – 31/12/1992).
Each cable is numbered with a unique alphanumeric symbol. The same alphanumeric symbology is also present in the corresponding dimming fields of all distributors, covering the international standard TIA/EIA-606-A, ISO 14763-2 and CENELEC EN50174.
After the installation and termination of the network will be carried out measurements for the entire (100%) cable installation (end-to-end), i.e. for the entire route from the workstation (telecommunications socket) to the rack distributor with a certified instrument .