Tax Marking Mechanism "TAX MANAGER III"

Ministry of Finance Approval Number: 15 FGD 505 / 13-11-2013

The tax marking mechanism TAX MANAGER III covers with  in the best possible way the needs of your company for a system small in dimensionsand  easy to use while at the same time, it has built-in USB ports & Ethernet for easy connection, short response time & provides 6 hours autonomy without power supply.
Finally,  TAX MANAGER III is the only tax  mechanism certified by UNISOFT,  compatible with both current and future versions of "CHAPTER E.R.P.", "ATLANTIS ENTRY E.R.P." & "ATLANTIS E.R.P.".
  • Small size & solid construction.
  • LCD screen 128X64 with backlight with display up to 8 lines
  • 24-key keyboard for manual version DSYM, DIFASS
  • Great processing power & security.
  • Fast and quiet thermal printer (Seiko LTPZ245).
  • Easy tape replacement function.
  • Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • Lithium battery 7.4v /1900 mAh for autonomy up to 6 hours / 700 mAh.
  • Easy plug and play connectivity.
  • High speeds  communication.
  • 5425 PAIPSS per day.
  • Enter publisher details for pre-printed forms.
  • Reprint  of already printed documents



The unmatched build quality CASIO TAX ENGINE combined with the most flexible support software Signature processor 2 (type A), are the top choice for adapting computerized accounting to legislation

  • Signature Processor 2 (Type A) Support Software.
  • Supports multiple printers from multiple workstations simultaneously
  • Automatic electronic sending of files to G.G.P.S.
  • Does not require commercial application conversion or upgrade
  • No commitment to future change of commercial application
  • Supports multiple printers from multiple workstations simultaneously
  • Automatic electronic sending of files to G.G.P.S.


Technical Features:

  • PRINTER: high resolution FUJITSU thermal, speed 15 lines/sec, 24 char/line, 57mm paper tape, easy installation by closing the printer door, folding special large diameter paper tape arm
  • COMMUNICATION: 38400 (Half Dual Method), full data exchange security
  • CAPACITY: 4900 document markings per day, 1800 Z

Operating System:

  • Works on WINDOWS operating system level (95, 98, 98/SE, Millenium, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, win 7, win 8 & win Server system type 32 bit, 64 bit)
  • Compatible with UNIX platforms (SCO, SOLARIS, LINUX, AIX, HP-UX), NOVELL, AS/400 (via PC running WINDOWS)


  • 1 ETHED USB port for communication with data marking PC
  • 1 serial port THAFM reading tax memory

Minimum commercial application compatibility requirements

  • Applications in DOS, WINDOWS or UNIX, NOVELL operating systems
  • AS/400s that issue documents in text format

Minimum PC Installation Requirements:

  • Computer PC/AT compatible (80486 or later)
  • Free USB port
  • Free disk space 20MB
  • Dimensions: Compact size 10cm x 20.5cm x 5.6cm
  • Weight: 0.460kg