Our company imports refurbished computers (REFURBISHED) stationary & laptops, in excellent condition from selected suppliers and then  we check them ourselves in our laboratory, their performance and functionality with strict criteria.

We are certified by Microsoft as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

What does REFURBISHED mean

The term REFURBISHED in the general sense of the term means reconstructed. In PCs and peripherals (printers, PC Monitors, etc.) it is mainly used to describe a special category of used ones, which have been completely remanufactured and tested for performance and functionality.

The difference between a refurbished and a used computer is  :

The REFURBISHED product has had any problem parts replaced.

The REFURBISHED computer has been checked and certified by qualified technicians for its correct operation

Used is not guaranteed to work properly and may have visual defects or hidden problems



  • Branded products from major manufacturers.
  • They have a 1 year warranty.
  • They have valid Windows licenses (Microsoft legal licenses cannot be sold individually, without a machine)
  • Your equipment does not burden the environment with e-waste

Where REFURBISHED products usually come from

The sources of these computers are many. Usually they are from large companies or banking organizations that upgrade their systems constantly, exhibition pieces used for demonstration, from returns of defective (Which after the company replaced the defective part with a new one, it turned it into a refurbished product)  or non-products.< /p>