Taking into account the current needs of Greek businesses and leveraging its many years of experience in developing extremely user-friendly and accurate payroll applications, UNISOFT created ATLANTIS Payroll.


Managing payroll and employee details is a critical process that often proves to be very laborious and time-consuming.

ATLANTIS Payroll is a powerful tool for calculating and issuing payroll for businesses and accounting-tax offices of all sizes.

It is developed in a graphical environment and takes advantage of the capabilities of relational databases (RDBMS). In addition, it can be directly linked to ATLANTIS ERP to create a single IT solution.

ATLANTIS Payroll is particularly flexible and can be easily adapted to the requirements of each business as well as to any tax change.

In particular, ATLANTIS Payroll incorporates a number of features and functional specifications that ensure:

  • Flexibility: Management of insurance funds, special allowances, collective agreements, spreadsheets using functions.
  • Historical preservation : Full historic preservation of data throughout the payroll spectrum ensured by the ability to define the validity interval of new or modified data.
  • Automation: With ATLANTIS Payroll, all tasks related to the calculation and issuance of payroll are performed quickly and automatically. It is also possible to automatically update / renew, through the UNISOFT e-services, all the elements (funds, collective agreements, etc.) that affect the calculation of payroll.
  • Integrated information: The data collected through the friendly and flexible processes and through automations, are combined and offered as business information, both through ready-made views and prints and through the powerful tools for creating reports and views.